KANSEC Technologies is a dynamic and innovative company providing a full range of security solutions to meet your needs for secure systems development, secure application development, network security, and information security related goals. We help our customers achieve their business objectives by developing secure solutions that encompass your ideas, business needs, key skills, and current technology partnerships. Services include ethical hacking; web application security testing; network security architecture reviews; training; expert testimony (civil and criminal); and architecture analysis, design, and security testing for Next Generation Networks (NGN), including VoIP.

Why Choose Security Solutions from KANSEC Technologies?

  • We put our clients' security and privacy first.
  • Our solutions are designed to fit each client's unique environment and culture.
  • We secure systems instead of merely selling products.
  • We solve problems by designing security solutions that take both the people and the technology into consideration.
  • After the work is completed, we follow up on our work to make sure security is maintained.
  • Our security system skills and experience are extremely broad based.
  • Pre-project planning: We prioritize before we implement.
  • The quality, collective knowledge, and experience of our consultants is first rate.

KANSEC Technologies Code of Ethics

KANSEC Technologies will act honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.

  • We will tell the truth and strive to make all stakeholders aware of our actions in a timely manner.
  • We will give prudent advice; avoid raising unnecessary alarm and giving unwarranted comfort.
  • We will be truthful, objective, cautious, and within our competence.

KANSEC Technologies will provide diligent and competent service to our clients.

  • We will strive to preserve the value of our clients' systems, applications, and information.
  • We will respect our clients' trust and the privileges that they grant us.
  • We will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof.
  • We will render only those services for which we are fully competent and qualified.

    E-mail: info@kansec.com